Thoracic Sympathetic Blocks

At Spine Surgery Associates, our pain management procedures are performed Board Certified Pain Management Physicians to maximize relief and minimize your recovery time.

Sympathetic Nerve Blocks are an effective non-surgical treatment for those experiencing chronic pain conditions. In the spine, a grouping of nerves exist whose function is to carry pain signals from the sympathetic nervous system to the brain. It is believed that in many chronic pain conditions these nerves are overactive and responsible for the constant sending of pain impulses to the brain. Sympathetic Nerve Blocks are used to reduce the excess transmission of pain signals from this nerve group to the brain. This injection is a needle based procedure and requires no incision.

During this procedure a needle is placed through the skin. Next, a mixture of anesthetic, saline and anti-inflammatory medicine is injected around the area of the sympathetic nerves. This mixture helps reduce the inflammation of the spinal nerves that are causing the pain.

This procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure under light sedation or a local anesthetic by Spine Surgery Associates team of Board Certified Pain Management Physicians. This non-surgical approach uses fluoroscopic guidance to ensure accuracy. At Spine Surgery Associates, we utilize both surgical and non-surgical approaches to comprehensively treat chronic neck and back pain.