A feeling of nervousness before going into any type of surgery is largely universal.  The best way to calm nerves of a patient undergoing surgery is for the patient to understand and believe in the advanced tactics and procedures of their surgeons. It has always been important for the physicians at Spine Surgery Associates to figure out a way to minimize nerves by increasing productivity and decreasing risk of complication in any way possible. For many years now, the Board Certified Physicians of Spine Surgery Associates have been implementing a team approach to spinal surgery.

What we mean by a team approach is that there are always two spinal surgeons in the operating room. When two surgeons are in the operating room with specialized spine training, oftentimes it is possible to actually shorten the operation. A shorter time in the operating room and having a second pair of hands undoubtedly reduces the risk for complications. This is the best way for patients to get the most experience possible during surgery with the least chance of complications, and it’s is something that should be important to patients undergoing surgery.

At Spine Surgery Associates there is nothing more valuable than experience. Combined, our physicians have over 80 years of experience. We truly have a comprehensive team with skills and wisdom learned from valued time spent with thousands of patients. If you or a loved one have a spinal issue or even a question do not hesitate to contact us.