“LA Angels superstar Mike Trout has been fighting a stiff back as of late yesterday”
“Mike trout was forced out of Tuesday night’s game against the Astros due to back pain”
“Trout has been scratched from the lineup against the Oakland Athletics because of upper back stiffness”

The headlines continue to pile up regarding the L.A Angels Superstar Mike Trout and his fight against back problems.It is not known whether Trout will spend some time on the disabled list. Back stiffness is often found in people who are either sitting too much, overweight, in an accident, but not world class treated athletes like Mike Trout. Many people will find themselves sitting 10+ hours a day whether it be at work, during their commute, or sitting at home.

SSA Advice: One of the most common causes of this back stiffness is sitting with bad posture. To release some of the stiffness in the back,  lie face up on a flat surface and place a tennis ball underneath the upper back.  Lie with the ball in the same spot for 30 seconds and switch to another spot on the back and continue. If done daily, this simple stretch could limit the pain in the back by increasing the flexibility in the spine and legs.

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