IDET- Intradiscal Electrothermoplasty

At Spine Surgery Associates, our pain management procedures are performed Board Certified Pain Management Physicians to maximize relief and minimize your recovery time.

IDET is a non-surgical procedure that uses a needle and catheter based approach to cauterize nerve fibers that extend out from the wall of the spinal discs. During the procedure, a hollow needle is placed at the level of the spine causing pain and the disc space becomes accessible. An electrothermal catheter is then threaded through the needle into the disc space. The tip of the catheter is then slowly heated to a safe but effective temperature. This heat causes the cauterization of any cracks or tears in the disc as well as the removal of any nerve fibers extruding from the spinal disc.

IDET is a safe alternative to surgery and can be used to treat a variety of conditions as a result of Degenerative Disc Disease. IDET is performed as an outpatient procedure under light sedation or a local anesthetic by Spine Surgery Associates team of Board Certified Pain Management Physicians. This non-surgical approach uses fluoroscopic guidance to ensure accuracy. At Spine Surgery Associates, we utilize both surgical and non-surgical approaches to comprehensively treat chronic neck and back pain.